Poster Schedule

   To offer the opportunity for comminication with the audience, the posters are divided into two sessions. During each session, at least one author of the designated poster needs to stand beside their poster and gets prepared for discussions with the audience. Please note that this is required for your publication in the journals and IEEE proceeding. Except for the designated session, authors are free to attend other conference activities.

   Session 1 (Teabreak on 18th afternoon,  14:50-15:30): Selected Papers Recommended to CAVW, Papers (ID: 1-15) to be included in Conference Proceeding.

   Session 2 (Teabreak on 19th morning, 09:10-9:50): Selected Papers Recommended to VRIH, Papers (ID: 16-29) to be included in Conference Proceeding.

Selected Papers Recommended to CAVW

ID Title Authors
1 Intelligent annotation for image sequences and videos Zhonghuan, Li;Le, Ma;Wang, Teng;Ma, Chengcheng;Meng, Weiliang;Zhang, Xiaopeng
2 Clothing Image Retrieval Based On Convolutional Residual Networks And Mixed Distance Jia, Chen;Yi, Zhang;Ruhan, He;Tao, Peng;Jinxing, Liang
3 Real-Time Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Calibration in Virtual Scene Liangliang, Cai;Zhong, Zhou
4 A Real-Time Emotion Recognition System Fusing Facial Key Features and Eye Physiological Features Jiajia, Tian;Yingying, She;Hongfu, Chen



Selected Papers Recommended to VRIH

ID Title Authors
1 Registration Jitter Proof Frame Buffer Queue For Objects Tracking In Web-based Augmented Reality Wensheng, Tang;Yunqiang, Pei;Wu, Yadong;Wang, Fupan
2 Web-based MR Video Fusion with Remote Rendering Qiang, Zhou;Zhong, Zhou
3 3D Scene Graph Prediction from Point Clouds Fanfan, Wu;Feihu, Yan;Weimin, Shi;Zhong, Zhou
4 Anisotropy of distance perception in optical see-through augmented reality Yifan, Liu;Jing, Chen;Ting, Lei;Cheng, Yao
5 Enriched Thumb-to-fingertip Gesture Based Input for Virtual Environments Haiyan, Jiang;Dongdong, Weng;Yu, Chunkun;Dongye, Xiaonuo


Papers to be included in Conference Proceeding

ID Title Authors
1 Efficient and Deep Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation using 3D-CNN Qiyi, Qin;Jianhua, Deng;Wenchao, Zhou
2 A Robust Dual Branch Network for Realtime Video Based Facial Landmark Detection Chang, Qi;Shiyu, Cui;Mandun, Zhang;Chuan Liu;Wei, Wei
3 VR-based Urdu Language Learning Environment for Elementary School Students Abidullah, Khan;Sirapop, Nuannimnoi;Riaz, Irum
4 Is Industrial Tomography Ready for Augmented Reality? A Need-finding Study of How Augmented Reality Can Be Adopted by Industrial Tomography Experts Yuchong, Zhang;Adam, Nowak;Guruprasad, Rao;Andrzej, Romanowski;Morten, Fjeld
5 Perceptually Optimized Deep High-Dynamic-Range  Image Tone Mapping Chenyang, Le;Yuming, Fang;Ma, Kede
6 Companion Guidance Robot Assistant Based on Augmented Reality Environment DeZheng, Tan;ZhiGeng, Pan
7 Adaptive Massively Parallel Checkboard Sampling Multi-View Stereo for Large-Scale Scene Changxu, Shao;Yao, Li;Yue, Qi
8 A Visualized Mining Method for Hyperbolas in GPR Data Yasen, Zhang;Da, Yuan;Weiwei, Zhao
9 Mid-Air Haptics for Holographic Augmented Reality Yuqi, Tong;Ruotong, Li;Si, Weixin
10 An Enhanced Experience System For Traditional Culture Using Integrated Tracking Mechanism Based MAR Lingyi, Wu;Min, Cai;Riji, Yu;Dewei, Kong
11 Distributed Massively Parallel Optimization of Multi-view Geometry for Large-Scale Scene Qi, Yu;Yao, Li;Qi, Yue
12 Learning Detailed Face Reconstruction Under Occluded Scenes Dapeng, Zhao;Yue, Qi
13 Virtual Laboratory System Based on Real-world Scene Yun-Ce, Bi;Shi-Hui, Guo;Jiang, Xiao;Li-Shuang, Zhan; Juncong Lin
14 Light Weight Image Inpainting Model Based on Computational Optimization Method Nianhong, Liao;Xiaojuan, Zhang;Chunyan, Peng;Yu, Zhang
15 3D Object Reconstruction Based on Multi-View RGB-D Images Shaofei, Wang;Yuanbo, He;Shuai, Li
16 Omnidirectional Stereo Imaging with High-Precision Binocular Parallax Xiaofei, Ai;Yigang, Wang;Ying, Wu
17 Semantic Decoupling of Conditionally-Independent Pixel Synthesis Shu Hai, Deng;Bo, Li;Zhi Fen, He;Hui, Wang
18 LRFPE: Learning Reliable Features for Human Pose Estimation Siling, Wang;Na, Jiang;Zhiping, Shi;Yongxiang, Zhang;Jun, Li
19 Deep Copy-Paste Synthesis of GANs Imagery Xiao-Xue, Ma;Bo, Li;Zhi-Fen, He;Hui, Wang
20 Building a Virtual Reality System for Traditional Dancing Show Fei Li;Riji Yu;Mengjie, Wang;Renjing, Lu
21 Treating PTSD with Art Therapy Based on Virtual Reality Yao, Xiang;Riji, Yu;Dewei, Kong
22 Distributed Surface Reconstruction from Point Cloud with Large Scale Ziyu, Zheng;Yao, Li;Yue, Qi
23 Real-Time Realistic Visualization of Particle-in-Cell Plasma Simulation via Approximate Illumination Pan, Wang;Yue, Wang;Shaohua, Huang
24 TSSN: Temporal Self-Attention and Self- Supervision Networks for Efficient Action Recognition Yongkang, Zhang;Jun, Li;Zhiping, Shi;Na, Jiang;Zhilei, Li
25 Map Construction and Visualization of Water Pollution Distribution Xu, Dai;Xiaohui, Zhu;Yue, Yong
26 A multi-user collaborative AR system based on point cloud registration Ruihan, Zhang;Yue, Qi;Wang, Junyi
27 The Force interaction modeling of soft tissue based on neural network Lingyan, Hu;Yanzhe, Lv;Dongxia, Hu;Zijian, Zheng;Wenjin Zhou;Jun Luo
28 Generative Contour Guided Occlusions Removal 3D Face Reconstruction Dapeng, Zhao;Yue, Qi


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